Ihre Karriere bei CNH Industrial

CNH Industrial is a global leader in the capital goods sector that, through its various businesses, designs, produces and sells agricultural and construction equipment, trucks, commercial vehicles, buses and specialty vehicles, in addition to a broad portfolio of powertrain applications. Present in all major markets worldwide, CNH Industrial is focused on expanding its presence in high-growth markets, including through joint ventures.

Vergütung und Sozialleistung

We are a high-performance culture that focuses on achieving results, rewarding leadership and performance.

Our aim is to pay competitively. Since every market has unique features and different labour characteristics,our compensation professionals analyse pay trends to ensure our pay is competitive in each market we operate in.

Our compensation decisions are based on performance and market and we administer those elements in a fair and objective way.


Berufliche und persönliche Aufstiegschancen


Accounting Finance and Control

Supports business management by overseeing planning and control processes and managing accounting activities of the company, including the preparation of financial statements and relevant accounting situations, tax compliance, preparation, management and optimization of financial resources and assets. Also supports corporate finance transactions such as mergers, acquisitions and relevant post-acquisition activities relying on risk evaluation and management structures.

After Sales

Provides post-sales assistance, such as customer care, technical support (repairs) for the end customer and the dealer network and guarantees that the characteristics of the products reflect the set standards of „repairability“ and maintenance

Business Management

Includes positions that have responsibility for managing organizational units, with functions traceable to various job families and/or with responsibilities for P&L and Business Development roles.

Communication and External Relations

Guarantees clear and efficient communication with external stakeholders (media, press, investors, institutions, etc.), building of relationships in a manner coherent with the corporate image, company values and business objectives.

Financial Services

Supports the sales process to customers and the dealer network, providing credit in the form of payment deferrals, financing or other financial assistance. It oversees the definition of the policies and forms of financing in line with market demand, guaranteeing credit recovery in the event of insolvency.

Information and Communication Technology

Assists the company by defining practical requirements, identifying the best applied and architectural solutions, and designing, carrying out and overseeing their implementation.

Human Resources

Guarantees the availability and enhancement of people, coordinating and overseeing their entire life cycle in the company from selection to training, development, compensation, retention and retirement. It manages industrial relations with unions and external institutions, oversees the processes and procedures of internal communication, diffusing the company’s values and culture; it designs, optimizes and implements the organizational structure and the fundamental processes and procedures for running the company.

Internal Audit

Coordinates the auditing processes overseeing the activities implemented to guarantee respect of company procedures in their formulation, and collaborates with external auditors to guarantee compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Guarantees the protection of the company, its brands and products, coordinating the preparation and management of contracts, supervising the processes for the presentation of industrial patents, advising controlled companies, overseeing the real estate cycle and managing administrative, civil and criminal cases.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Ensures an equilibrium between demand and industrial capacity by preparing the industrial production plan, guaranteeing optimal logistical flow of supply and distribution of goods/components/products while respecting objectives and established timelines


Oversees the production process coordinating plant activities and ensuring the continual innovation of means and tools of production defining plans and programs and guaranteeing their functioning through installation, set-up and maintenance.

Product Development

Oversees the entire product cycle, from basic and applied research to design, engineering of parts, style definition, system integration, test phase and prototypes.


Defines the qualitative characteristics of products and services interpreting market requests, comparing itself to competitors, and ensuring, through the definition and execution of trials and tests, that established standards are maintained.

Sales and Marketing

Guarantees the analysis, identification and interpretation of expressed/unexpressed market needs with an end toward defining a portfolio of products/services coherent with company strategies. It also promotes the brands’ image in the different markets through the definition of an appropriate mix of marketing mechanisms (product, price, promotion, placement) and oversees the sales and development processes by developing, shaping, coordinating and supporting the network (direct, key account, dealers).

Security, Safety and Facilities

Oversees and cohesively runs all aspects of industrial and environmental safety providing solutions for improvements in line with changes in laws, and which satisfy and anticipate company needs in terms of safety.

Here you will find further information on our career site.

Capital Goods

Marc-Peter Bormann / Vincenzo Cetani

app. 63.000 (worldwide)

23,7 Mrd. EUR (worldwide)

Agricultural and Construction Equipment, Trucks, Commercial and Specialty Vehicles, Engines and Transmission Systems

Benzstr. 1
74076 Heilbronn Germany


We strive to provide our employees with growth opportunities and professional development within a culture that values flexibility, sustainability and innovation.

Ihre Möglichkeiten

Joining CNH Industrial means working in a dynamic and multicultural environment, and in a lean and flexible organization that is open to new opportunities in emerging markets, with a strong focus on research and innovation aimed at achieving excellence at all levels.
Our global geographical distribution and variety of businesses and functions represent an interesting opportunity for those who wish to establish and develop a rewarding professional career.

What do we offer for students?

If you’re a student and are ready to test your skills, we can offer you internship or working student opportunities. An internship or employment as working student could prove to be the ideal introduction to the challenges and possibilities of the workplace.
During your engagement you will receive guidance and support from a dedicated tutor to ensure you get the support you need to build your professional future.

What can we offer for graduates?

If you are a recent graduate, consider yourself dynamic and determined and would like to join us in pursuing excellence, you will encounter opportunities to achieve professional growth and acquire experience with an international dimension.
CNH Industrial organizes events at the leading national and international universities and business schools. Participating in these events can be an important opportunity to get information and become an active member of a network that will help you to get to know us more and be better informed.
Presentations, meetings and appointments targeting college students are just a few of the approaches that we use to establish direct contact with young professionals and recent college graduates. We collaborate actively with the most important universities to present our companies to all those who would like to learn more about us, and to offer young people a real opportunity to meet our managers.

What can we offer for professionals?

We offer career opportunities for successful professionals with technical know-how and expertise related to our areas of operations. We look for passionate people who can demonstrate their belief in our products and values, and are committed to motivating those around them and contributing to the team.
If you already have professional experience and are looking to channel your talent and skills in a new and interesting direction, we may have the perfect position for you.

Erfahrungsberichte von Mitarbeitern

Simon Töpfer

Werkstudent Precision Farming

Seit Beginn des Agribusiness-Masterstudiums kann ich mein theoretisches Wissen im praktischen Einsatz bei CNH Industrial als Werkstudent unter Beweis stellen. Während eines 6-monatigen Aufenthalts in der Konzernzentrale in Turin (Italien) durfte ich meine Masterarbeit über den internationalen Vertrieb von Lenksystemen verfassen. Ich freue mich sehr, nicht nur einen innovativen Begleiter während des Studiums, sondern auch den perfekten Berufseinstieg bei Case IH/Steyr gefunden zu haben.

Markus Deffner

Praxissemster New Holland Marketing

Meine Zeit bei New Holland gab mir die Möglichkeit, einen Einblick in ein modernes Landtechnikunternehmen zu bekommen. Dabei konnte ich meine Fähigkeiten in den verschiedensten Bereichen unter Beweis stellen. Das familiäre Betriebsklima und die Möglichkeit, Projekte eigenverantwortlich auszuführen, brachten mich stetig nach vorn! Meine vorangegangene Tätigkeit als Vorführfahrer gab mir einen intensiven Einblick in die hochmoderne Technik dieses Unternehmens und diente als guter Einstieg für mein nachfolgendes Praktikum.

Marc Kaiser

Praxissemester / Werkstudent New Holland Marketing

In meinem halbjährigen Praxissemster bei dem internationalen Agrartechnikkonzern New Holland habe ich sehr viel Marketingerfahrung sammeln dürfen. Mein Aufgabengebiet erstreckte sich von der Erstellung von Schulungs- und Trainingsunterlagen über das Vorbereiten von Landtechnikmessen bis hin zur Unterstützung der Social-Media-Abteilung. Auch die Mithilfe an Informationsveranstaltungen für Händler war für mich eine weitere Bestätigung, wie zukunftsorientiert und innovativ dieses Unternehmen ist. Im Anschluss an mein Praktikum ermöglichte mir New Holland eine weitere Anstellung als Werkstudent.

Nicole Kopp

Werkstudentin / Bachelorandin / Masterandin Personalabteilung CNH Industrial

Durch meine Werkstudententätigkeit bei CNH Industrial habe ich viele wertvolle Erfahrungen über die Arbeit in einer Personalabteilung sammeln können. Die familiäre Atmosphäre bei CNH Industrial trug stets zu meiner Weiterentwicklung bei, sowie die Möglichkeit, viele spannende Aufgaben übernehmen zu dürfen. Hierbei handelt es sich beispielsweise um die selbstständige Erstellung von Arbeitsverträgen oder qualifizierten Arbeitszeugnissen oder auch um eine aktive Unterstützung beim Bewerbermanagement. Die Möglichkeit, sowohl meine Bachelor- als auch meine Masterthesis bei CNH Industrial verfassen zu können, zeigt, wie kooperativ und mitarbeiterfreundlich das Unternehmen ist.

CNH Industrial - Unsere Standorte:

Benzstraße 1, 74076 Heilbronn, Deutschland
Robert-Schuman-Straße 1, 85716 Unterschleißheim, Deutschland
Nicolaus-Otto-Straße 27, 89079 Ulm, Deutschland
Graf-Arco-Straße 30, 89079 Ulm, Deutschland

Benzstraße 1, 74076 Heilbronn, Deutschland

Robert-Schuman-Straße 1, 85716 Unterschleißheim, Deutschland

Nicolaus-Otto-Straße 27, 89079 Ulm, Deutschland

Graf-Arco-Straße 30, 89079 Ulm, Deutschland